5G Stainless Steel Household Ozone Machine


5G household ozone machine is used for sterilization, disinfection, purification and deodorization of space and water.

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5G Household ozone machine

This ozone generator is widely used as ozone air purifier and water purifier for home,  bedroom, hotel, motel, aquarium, well water purification, swimming pool water treatment, etc.

1.      This ozone generator using stainless steel machine housing, non-rusted and non-corrosive.

2.      Built-in air cooling corona discharge ozone generator tube, effective reduce the heating, stable ozone output with long service life (longer than 30,000 hours).

3.      Installed adjustable power supply which has protection design of over current, over voltage and overheating for ensuring ozone generator running safely.

4.      Complete ozone machine with air source inside, easy operate with stable ozone capacity.

5.      With handle, portable design for commercial and home used.

6.      0%–100% adjustable ozone output.

7.      With smart timer of 0~99 hours.

8.      Controls: Voltmeter, Ammeter, Timer, Power indicator, Ozone indicator, Ozone adjuster, On/Off.



Product model: OZ-AT5G

Air pump flow rate: 10LPM

Working voltage: 220V or 110V  50/60Hz

Power: 80W

Cooling method: Air cooling

Size: 250×200×440mm

Net weight: 6KG


Product functions:

1.      Remove a myriad of odors from smoke, pets, animals, cooking, mold, mildew, etc.

2.      Keep air fresher and cleaner for hotel, motel rooms, vehicles, etc.

3.      Keep insects & vermin out, retard mold growth, used in basement, attic, boat, ect.

4.      Kill molds, viruses, bacteria effectively; create a healthier environment both in air and water.

5.      Ozone water for fruits & vegetables, sterilization and keep it fresh for longer time.

6.      Water purification and disinfection, spa, swimming pool, aquarium, tap water, well water, etc.

7.      Sterilize and disinfect for daily supplies, such as clothes, pillow towel, tool etc.


Detailed application of ozone

The same series of 3G ozone machine

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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