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Non adjustable 3G ozone tube, easy to install ozone generator.

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Quartz 3G Ozone tube

Model: CT-MQ3G

High efficiency: The narrow-gap discharge,high ozone conversion rate, low noise.
High-voltage high-frequency corona discharge.


The gas source requirements:
oxygen (flow rate: 0.5 ~ 2L/MIN)
Air (flow rate 8 to 10L/MIN)
Maximum ozone concentrations: 50 mg / L (operating ambient temperature of 10-25 ° C, oxygen flow 0.5L/MIN )
Ozone Output: 4.2G / H (oxygen source 2L/MIN)
Working voltage: AC110V/220V
Power consumption: 35W
Cooling: Air Cooled
Power parameter: with short circuit protection, open-circuit protection, over-current protection.

Tube Dimension: 143*65*60mm

Power Supply Dimension: 138 * 57 * 42mm


Detailed application of ozone

The same series of 5G ozone tube

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Weight1 kg


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