10G Stainless Steel Ozone Generator Water Sterilizer Price


OZ-N ozone generator has reliable performance and is used for space purification, swimming pool water sterilization, food processing and preservation.

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Introduction of ozone generator

OZ-N series ozone generators have reliable performance and are widely used in aquaculture, swimming pool water sterilization, food processing, cold storage and other commercial and industrial ozone applications.

But it is not only used for water treatment, but also for air purification! For example, it is used for deodorization and sterilization of cars, ships, restaurants, bars, hotels, warehouses, offices, and workshops.


1. Installed high purity corona discharge ozone generator tube,stable ozone output with long service life.

2. Adjustable ozone output with adjustable power supply.

3. Use anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials(Teflon tube, components made of stainless steel material).

4. Installed big air pump and air dryer inside, complete ozone machine, easy operate with stable ozone output.

5. Stainless steel box with handle and wheels,portable and movable for various applications.

6. Smart timer for automatic work and stop, max 5 times every day.

7. With switch to on/off the air pump (save power), can connect with external oxygen source for strict treatment.

8. Digital screen.



Product model: OZ-N10G

Air pump flow rate: 55LPM

Working voltage: 220V or 110V  50/60Hz

Power: 150W

Cooling method: Air cooling

Size: 360×260×680mm

Net weight: 14KG


Detailed application of ozone

E. Coli prevention with ozone  (in food and water industry)

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a serious problem in food and water. The bacteria have impacted farmers, food processors, restaurants, and municipalities, and they have all taken steps towards reducing its presence.

Normally, chlorine has been a low-cost and relatively seay-to-use oxidizer that is effective against a wide variety of pathogens. However, the use of chlorine has undergone increased scrutiny due to its potentially harmful side effects.

A relatively “new” antimicrobial intervention that is both effective and safe is ozone. Ozone has been around and used as a drinking water disinfectant for over a hundred years. And it is gaining more widespread popularity for being used in food processing and surface sanitation.

The most common method of using ozone for pathogen reduction is dissolving ozone into water. Ozonized water is stable, safe and easy to manage.

Typically, ozone is dissolved into water using an ozone injector and then sprayed onto the surface, reacquiring disinfection. It can use for hard equipment surface and the surface of a food product.

The ozone gas also can be use for eliminating food-borne pathogens. Air treatment enables disinfection of an entire area as opposed to just a point of contact with food, such as the workshop, storage room, package, etc.


The same series of 20G ozone machine

Additional information

Weight 24 kg


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