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How to choose a suitable ozone generator?

If you need to sterilize and deodorize space or water, an ozone generator is undoubtedly the best choice. Here are some suggestions to help you buy a suitable ozone generator.

There is testing result of sterilization ability from the International Health Organization: ozone (O3) > hypochlorous acid (HClO) > chlorine dioxide (ClO2) > silver ion (Ag +) > hypochlorite (CLO) > ferrate (Fe3 +) > chloramine (nhcl3).

Ozone is the best choice for sterilization, oxidation, decolorization, deodorization, and it has no residue.

The solubility of ozone in water is between 0.1mg/l-10mg/l. 0.1mg/L is the minimum concentration required for water disinfection and purification, and 2mg/L is the achievable concentration of “ozone water disinfectant”, can use for detoxification, preservation, deodorization and odor removal.

The international conventional standard of ozone for tap water purification is  0.4mg/L, working 4 minutes.

Standards of ozone for different water treatment:

ItemDual water supplyPure waterNatural waterSwimming pool waterRAS waterFood processing waterWaste water
Dissolved ozone concentration (mg/L)0.1-0.30.2-0.40.4- or more
Ozone capacity (g/m3)1-22-33-51-20.5~25~10Need water report

Standards of ozone for air purification (1ppm=2.14mg / m3):

Ozone capacity G = Ozone dosage mg/h × air volume m3 / 0.15/1000

FunctionapplicationOzone concentration (ppm)mg/h for each m3 space Method
Disinfection and SterilizationMedical tools2050-100
Storage room6-1015-25
Food workshop1.0-1.52.5-3.5
Operation room10-2025-50
Work clothes10-2025-50
Detoxification and PreservationNormal place1-22.5-5
Fish, cheese0.5-11.5-2.5
Deodorization and PurificationMorgue37
Fish processing37
slaughter hall2-35-7
Fatty acid factory1025
Rubber factory3-107-25
Garbage house1025
Wastewater treatment plant1-22.5-5